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What patients say

Keith – Back pain

I can highly recommend Albert Road Osteopaths. After many months of treatment from other healthcare professionals for my very painful back, there was no improvement at all. However, after a few visits to Albert Road Osteopaths my condition improved greatly. I now attend the practice on the odd occasion just to maintain my well being.

CM – Back pain

I was in agony and unable to straighten up after digging patio foundations all weekend. I managed to get an appointment the day I rang and felt better immediately. It took courage to go when I was in so much pain but I am so glad a friend recommended Albert Road Osteopaths to me.

Matt – Back pain

My name is Matt and I have recently been treated at Albert Road Osteopaths. I have had back problems for years so I decided to see someone. I found the reception staff to be very friendly and helpful so I booked an appointment. I have been treated by Peter who knew what was wrong with my back and his treatment was so effective that my back improved 80% after one session. I have been back today for a follow up treatment which went well and he told me I don’t have to see him again unless I have further problems. All I can say is brilliant two sessions and years of pain gone. I would recommend them to anyone.

Diana – Back pain

I have seen Jane and her team for over 20 years and osteopathy has been a life changer for me. It enables me to have relief from my chronic back pain when doctors could not do anything. I would recommend you give it a try.

Christine and partner – Back and knee pain and sciatica

Initially I was introduced to Albert Road Osteopaths when I was suffering from severe back pain. Once she fixed my back I decided to make a monthly visit one of my health priorities. As I have had a dodgy knee, sciatica and various other aches and pains we all get with the joy of getting older I have found that the impact of these have been minimised and my life has not been affected in an adverse way as the problems get dealt with before they get too significant. The team are very friendly, helpful and go out of their way to make visits a very positive experience. read more

Val – Back pain

Living with regular back pain for over 30 years and having increasing bouts of acute pain, which required time off work and restricted day to day activities, I decided to make an appointment at Albert Road Osteopaths. The treatment I received has significantly improved my condition and we agreed on a programme to manage my condition, which has reduced the need for regular anti-inflammatories. When I had a problem with my jaw I had no hesitation in booking an additional treatment. read more

Jane – Restorative treatment

From my very first appointment I knew that I was in safe hands.  read more

Barbara – Age related aches and pains

As we become older, injuries which we sustained many years ago come back to haunt us. It is very easy to fall into the habit of having no social life, due to said aches and pains, and the taking of strong pain killers. This is not inevitable. Find an osteopath. The best way is by personal recommendation from a friend and ask for treatment.  read more

Peter – Musician with back pain and tension

Anne, I just wanted to say a very, very big thank you for the session this week- you are amazing and really helped me so much. A lot of the tensions I can feel have eased away, and I’ve found playing a little bit less tight and screwed up! I don’t know how you do what you do, but you are brilliant. Thanks so much.

Lesley and four generations of her family

We began seeing Jane Easty in the 1980s when she was newly qualified. Since then Jane has treated both our sons, the younger after major surgery when he was only 3 years old, but also as they grew older, then my Mum, in her 80s at the time, our grandchildren and me, of course, always with success.  read more

GP –  Back pain and sciatica

Thank you for putting my back right. It had me worried when I could hardly walk, so it was very reassuring knowing you were able to sort it out. I’m as good as new.

LB – Well being

I am certain your treatment has been responsible for my “turnaround”. I have certainly felt so much better lately. Many thanks.

Louise – Sports maintenance

I visit Jane Easty regularly to maintain my body in tip-top shape to achieve peak performance whilst competing at the highest level in my sport of dressage. It is vital to achieve perfect symmetry and balance to maintain communication with my horse.

Dawn – Sports injuries and maintenance

I came to Albert Road Osteopaths on recommendation from friends and clients. I am a keen runner, putting in 30 – 50 miles training per week. This takes its toll on my body and I am often injured as a result.  read more

Christine – Chronic back pain

After suffering with back pain and discomfort for many years and eventually being told that nothing could be done surgically to alleviate this pain, a friend suggested that I visit an osteopath to see if they could help.  read more

Catherine – Pain management

I have been coming to Albert Road Osteopaths for years now to take care of numerous conditions affecting my health and find Jane Easty has helped me enormously. It is with great faith in her experience and handling that I keep coming back with great success. read more

John – Health management after multiple trauma

A brief history:

As a motorcyclist of more than 30 years and a Motorcyclist Paramedic with 20 years experience in the NHS I had a serious motorcycle accident 4 years ago which resulted in me finding myself with multiple injuries. I had my left leg traumatically amputated above the knee, bi-lateral haemothorax, multiple rib fractures, a shattered pelvis, fractured thumb and torn rotator cuff to my right shoulder. read more

Carol – Secondary symptoms of asthma

I have been consulting Jane Easty for some time now, as having asthma all my life and I have now developed COPD. The treatment received has greatly improved my quality of life, in that I no longer get chest infections, and depend on less medication.

Jennifer’s baby daughter – Constant crying

Having endured weeks of pained screaming, and with a diagnosis of milk allergy, I was somewhat desperate to get help for my baby daughter.  read more

Josephine – Head injury and health management

Following a serious head injury in 1986, I found myself unable to walk, talk coherently, remember things in the long and short term, added to this was an excruciating headache and right sided pain. Two years later still not much better a kindly pharmacist recommended I go to see a local osteopath. This I did for a couple of years with only limited benefit.  Then my osteopath went on maternity leave and her locum recommended I went to see a cranial osteopath.  read more

John – Shoulder pain

Having been informed that I would require an operation on my shoulder, which would result in me being unable to work for 6 to 8 weeks. I was advised by a friend to visit Albert Road Osteopaths.  read more

Beverley – Shoulder injury

I am currently receiving treatment with Peter for a shoulder injury and his knowledge and treatment not only in all matters to do with the injury but what we can do to prevent further injuries is first class.

Sheila – Pain management

The improvement in my movement has been achieved as a result of the depth of knowledge and skill that Jane brings to the treatments. My knees, ankles and shoulders have been painful for many years as a result of falls but are now so much better. Thank you.

Karen – Pain management

I have been a patient of Albert Road Osteopaths for years know and have recommended them to many people, they are understanding and really know their stuff! I never miss my monthly appointment with Jane, she keeps me on the straight and narrow in so many ways. They are simply the best.

Janet and daughter – Accident

In September 2007 an horrific accident left my daughter unable to move without pain. After six months of repeat visits to hospital there was still little improvement. In desperation I started to investigate non-invasive alternative therapies, this quickly led to a recommendation to Jane Easty. read more

KS – Circulatory and digestive problems

My daughter has been suffering from horrendous ear problems since she was born, she is now 16. She has had numerous operations, a recent scan has shown that her ear canal has narrowed to the point that she was having constant ear infections that wouldn’t respond to any antibiotics. Jane has worked on her head and face to improve and open up the drainage system. read more

LB’s baby – A very difficult birth

My baby had a really difficult birth. He got stuck for two hours in the second stage and they had to use ventouse and forceps to get him out quickly. He looked like he had been in a fight the poor little thing and could not feed or lie down comfortably. My health visitor suggested I take him to Jane. read more

AR – Neck pain and headaches

I suffered with a stiff and painful neck. After two treatments I was much better and also lost the headaches I had been having for years. read more

GK – Pain management

Many thanks for controlling my pain and stiffness for the last 9 years. You keep me mobile. Ever grateful.

Yvonne – Back pain

Twenty-two years ago, I had my first experience of agonising back pain. Strong analgesics did not help. Fortunately a friend suggested osteopathy and I admit to being rather sceptical at the time. It turned out to be the best possible action I could have taken. read more

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