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Sports injuries & accidents

Football injuryMany different sports and keep fit enthusiasts seek our advice. Ranging from joggers to marathon runners, line dancers to competition ballroom dancers, county tennis players to semi pro footballers, amateur and elite equestrians, cyclists and ramblers. They all share a common desire to keep fit and continue to enjoy their chosen activity as quickly as possible after injury and to learn how to avoid further mishaps.

sports injuryAlbert Road Osteopaths can help with advice for prevention of injury or treatment for an existing problem whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or an elite professional.

Car accidents of varying severities are unfortunately frequent phenomena these days leading to a common but often misunderstood problem termed whiplash.

The trauma of uncomplicated injuries sometimes takes several days, or even weeks, to manifest. The symptoms can be localised e.g. neck, back or rib pain, or may manifest in a more systemic way e.g. difficulty sleeping, depression or fatigue.

muscular painOsteopathic treatment addresses the whole body and not just the local site of injury and works to re-integrate the injured parts of the body to a state of healthy function following trauma or surgery.

In sports and keep fit failure to warm up & down or inadequate stretching can lead to injuries causing reduced joint flexibility, which will affect levels of performance and may result in further injury. Both experienced sports people and beginners alike often forget these essentials and also other important factors such as hydration, rehabilitation and recovery periods.

In all cases even minor injuries can affect your ability to enjoy your sport as well as affect your livelihood.


“Jane Easty and Peter Andrews have taught me what I need to do to maintain my body through training. They have taken me on a journey from my needing to use a walking stick because of a running injury that wasn’t diagnosed correctly to completing my last 2 marathons in a personal best time.” …read more

“I suffered with a stiff and painful neck. After two treatments I was much better and also lost the headaches I had been having for years. The osteopath examined my whole body, not just the area in trouble and recommended relaxation exercises. I now go back whenever I have a problem for a complete check-up.”


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