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Pain managementPain and health management

People of all ages bring pains and aches of differing severity and frequency to us for help. All patients have in common a desire for relief from pain and discomfort.

Many patients who have benefitted from osteopathy choose to continue with maintenance treatments at regular intervals varying as to the individual patient’s needs. Patients tell us they feel they have a better quality of life as a result.


“I can highly recommend Albert Road Osteopaths. After many months of treatment from other healthcare professionals for my very painful back my condition did not improve at all. However, after a few visits to Albert Road Osteopaths my condition improved greatly. I now attend the practice on the odd occasion just to maintain my well being.”

“Many thanks for controlling my pain and stiffness for the last 9 years. You keep me mobile. Ever grateful.”

“They know their stuff! I never miss my monthly appointment with Jane, she keeps me on the straight and narrow in so many ways. They are simply the best.”


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