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As we grow older

Keeping activeOur older patients tell us how helpful it is to have osteopathic treatment to maintain mobility and stay as free as possible from aches and pains. Treatment is focused on increasing circulation throughout the body and in so doing optimising general health.

Arthritic pain is a common problem. Osteopaths cannot cure arthritis, but they may be able to alleviate the symptoms. We use various gentle techniques to improve joint function and reduce pain and discomfort in the muscles and ligaments. We can also offer advice on pain management.

Long forgotten accidents and seemingly insignificant injuries can cause problems in old age as the effects of the strain is retained within the body tissue, making certain joints more vulnerable. Osteopathic treatment works to release strain allowing better flexibility and mobility as well as increased general health.


“As we become older, injuries which we sustained many years ago come back to haunt us. It is very easy to fall into the habit of having no social life, due to said aches and pains, and the taking of strong pain killers. This is not inevitable. Find an osteopath. Based on my experience I advise you to see an osteopath and have treatment. Then put your coat on, get out and start enjoying life. Let’s face it, if you have worked all your life, you deserve it!” ..read more

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