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Cranial Osteopathy

arthritic painCranial osteopathy is a gentle and effective technique that involves very subtle manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stresses throughout the body, suitable for all ages from newborn babies to the elderly. This is achieved through a highly developed sense of osteopathic touch called palpation. Patients are often perplexed by the profound effects of cranial treatment when compared to the subtle and gentle experience of treatment.

The term, cranial osteopathy, can be misleading, as it involves treating the whole body, not only the cranium (head). Cranial osteopaths treat the whole body by finding a harmonic balance to effect a change. It often involves holding and supporting an area of dysfunction in a position of ease until a release happens.

Osteopathy involves many techniques – cranial osteopathy is the most gentle and subtle of the spectrum of treatments available. The results can be profound.

Cranial osteopaths undergo in-depth study of the cranium and its inter-relationship with the body as a whole. Cranial osteopathy can sometimes provide a missing piece of the puzzle for many patients suffering from a range of apparently unconnected symptoms.

joint pain and stiffnessCranial osteopathy may be used from the moment of birth until the end of life. The young are vital and quick to heal therefore treatment can produce surprising results. The innate ability to heal persists throughout life, so patients of all ages may benefit from the gentle approach of cranial osteopathy. This is particularly true for those who are sensitive or when injury or pain might make other manual treatment styles difficult to tolerate. Each patient is unique, therefore, each patient will respond differently to treatment.

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“We began seeing Jane Easty in the 1980s when she was newly qualified. Since then Jane has treated both our sons, the younger after major surgery when he was only 3 years old, but also as they grew older, then my Mum, in her 80s at the time, our grandchildren and me, of course, always with success.” ..read more


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